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These cases have special requirements and present a difficult path.  Few cases are more worthwhile, in terms of financial recovery and moral satisfaction, than when we have the honor and privilege of representing the Victims of Domestic Violence in Civil Suits for Money Damages.  Please call to make a complimentary appointment so we can discuss if your case has financial merit.

Free Consultations:

Mr. Schiffer offers complimentary consultations by advanced appointment at his Buckhead Office.  Conveniently located across from Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza and on Marta.

Get Help from a Domestic Violence Specialist:

There are lots of great lawyers in Georgia.  Mr. Schiffer works and trains with them year after year.

DUI specialists? He knows them (Doug Chanco for one).

Major Felony?  Lots of folks are really good at that broad category.

Drug Trafficking?  Lots of great Lawyer options.

Criminal Appeals are their own world, and Josh routinely works those cases with  the Best of the Best.

The Schiffer Firm, LLC, is the ONLY Law Firm in Georgia exclusively dedicated to Domestic Violence Issues.  Representing the Accused as well as Victims, Mr. Schiffer’s passion and specialization for this unique area of law is unique in our fine state.

Results/Testimonials—See our list of Testimonials HERE as well as on AVVO.  Please also review Mr. Schiffer’s LinkendIn profile where he has been endorsed by HUNDREDS of lawyers from across the Country.