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Arrested/Investigated for DV?

Stay somewhere safe—Your physical safety is paramount.  Nothing is more important.

Talk to an Attorney—The faster you are represented, the less likely you are to make a simple mistake which could lead to trouble.  You have a RIGHT to an attorney.  It is generally unwise to make statements to law enforcement that will later be used against your in court.  The Forefathers were smart enough to give you a Fifth Amendment, now USE IT!

Operate as if everyone suspects you of a crime—While tough to swallow, Law Enforcement is Trained to treat everyone as a suspect until proven otherwise. Use your Fifth Amendment!

Participate in the Process—Most Domestic Violence Cases are dealt with prior to trial.  The State wants to protect the innocent and, unlike so many other crimes, Domestic Violence ALWAYS has two sides to it.

Immediate Action Solves Future Problems. The sooner you contact a qualified and experienced Domestic Violence Attorney, the faster they can work to preserve crucial evidence, question the parties involved, and protect your Rights.  Even while you are detained, your Attorney will collect physical evidence, preserved statements that benefit you and create an accurate record of events.  NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEGININNING YOUR CASE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. (Insert call to action)