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Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Law Attorney

Drug and alcohol addiction is the underlying issue in many criminal matters. Through deep, personal family experiences, I am extraordinarily familiar with drug and alcohol issues. My personal story combined with my legal career means that I know drug and alcohol addiction, I can deal with it, and I can provide services above and beyond what many other lawyers can do.

If you or a family member has an addiction problem and is facing a criminal matter, turn to a knowledgeable Atlanta drug and alcohol law lawyer. At the Schiffer Firm, LLC, in Atlanta, we take great pride in assisting addicts.

Drugs and Alcohol Can Cause Recurring Problems

When someone is addicted to a drug, they may stop at virtually nothing to get that drug. When someone is addicted to booze, they may put their lives and the lives of others at risk by driving drunk. Family problems and domestic violence can spiral out of control. The criminal issues and problems can continue until that person gets the help they need. As a Marietta, Georgia, attorney skilled in helping people who have been arrested multiple times, I understand what often needs to happen to put an end to the cycle.

When I represent you, I am much more than your defense attorney. I am a person who has faith that you can face your addiction head-on and live a healthier life. I can point you toward services that can help you attain this — from mental health groups and hospitals to rehab clinics and treatment programs.

Many of my clients have been struggling with addiction for many many years. Many of them have been arrested many many times. Long term addiction has no doubt impacted your life and the lives of those you love for years and years. With my help, you can deal with the criminal charges you face and turn your life around with the rehab option that suits you best.

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Talk to an attorney who understands drug and alcohol addiction and can help you without judgment. Call my office locally at 404-963-9468 or toll free at 877-858-0130. You can also contact the Schiffer Firm, LLC, online.