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July 21, 2016 Joshua Schiffer


It is all too often that we see cases of those (mostly men) who are wrongly accused of committing acts of domestic violence acts. This is a common pattern in divorce and child custody battles, where the defendants become victimized by false allegations. What should one do to protect his rights and reputation?

  • Hire an expert Domestic Violence Attorney: Get an aggressive defense attorney on your side who can fight for you both inside and outside of court. Many times your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution to get the charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Abide by the “No Contact” order: If there is a restraining order in place, it only hurts your case to go against it.
  • Self – defense: Prove that it was necessary to take physical action in other to protect yourself or to protect a child.
  • Little or No Injury: If you did not inflict any injury than that needs to be stated as a factual defense in your case.
  • Blatant Lies: Many times there is lack of proof of the charges being made against you and we need a strong defense to poke holes into those accusations by comparing the accuser’s story to police records and witness accounts.
  • Isolated Incident: If the domestic violence evidence against you is strong, then you must show that it was an isolated occurrence and not an pattern of future incidents. Having a clean record and good character definitely helps your case.
  • Caused by Alcohol or Drug Use: If the incident was caused by alcohol or drug use, then you could show that you are willing to attend a rehabilitation program to reform.

While our attorneys at The Schiffer Firm, LLC have an impressive trial record, we also know that the successful resolution to domestic violence cases is found by working with all parties to ensure a peaceful, lasting resolution. Call The Schiffer Firm today to aggressively defend you against false allegations of domestic violence. (404) 842-0909


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