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July 28, 2016 Joshua Schiffer


Parents who are falsely accused of child abuse may often feel distressed and powerless. Allegations of child abuse quickly turn into “he said – she said” situations making it difficult to sift out the truth. Given that there are strong legal penalties in place for the person making the false accusations, such as having to pay hefty monetary sanctions or limited child visitations. Nonetheless, it is a common occurrence especially in divorce and child custody battles, where an embittered parent will accuse the other of child neglect or abuse to defame the other parent’s character and gain the empathy of the court. False accusations of child abuse can also be made by mistaken neighbors or teachers. If you have been accused of child abuse, contact our attorneys at The Schiffer Firm who are experienced in such family matters.

Allegations of child abuse are heavily prosecuted and the charges are not easily dismissed. According to the National District Attorney’s Association, there is a conviction rate of over 95% in child abuse cases. There are many reasons you should fight the accusations with an experienced attorney defending your case. Depending on the nature of the child’s injuries or abuse, the consequences of a conviction can range from jail time, long probation, limited interaction with your child or loss of custody altogether. Losing your child as a result of wrongful accusations is indeed a sad predicament.

A skilled Georgia criminal defense attorney will be aggressively build a formidable defense against your charges to prove that the case against you is unfounded. Don’t wait. Call The Schiffer Firm today to secure the legal help you need to defeat your child abuse allegations and move forward with your life! Call (404) 842-0909

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