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January 24, 2015 Joshua Schiffer

How does a Domestic Violence Case Affect me?

The effects of a domestic violence arrest, wrongful OR justified, are life changing.

Unlike many other types of charges I have handled, such as drugs, DUI, theft, etc, Domestic Violence Cases are “distasteful” for the general public.  Most people can understand their friend that mistakenly drove drunk, shoplifted a trinket as a kid, has an addiction problem or even were involved in a violent fight at a bar.

Domestic Violence is different.

Your Job can often terminate you immediately upon arrest.  If there is a moral clause in your contract or you are professionally licensed, your employer may be FORCED to terminate you.  If you work with kids, patients, the general public, finances or dozens of other workplace variables, your employers insurance company may override your supporters and enforce draconian measures against you.

Your United States Constitutional Rights are affected by Domestic Violence accusations and convictions.  Most people do not realize that under Federal Law your right to own or operate firearms can be severely impacted or forfeited upon a conviction for even misdemeanor Domestic Violence charges.  If there is a Temporary Protective Order or Temporary restraining Order the officers who serve it may be able to limit your access to or even seize your firearms.  Additionally your bank accounts and finances may be subject to a Court’s scrutiny, and in many circumstances the target of a Domestic Violence action can be forced to pay for the upkeep of the alleged victim during the pendency of the case.  A process that can take months or even years.

Your social circle may be downright awful to you if you do not have a defense in place.  Your friends and family may jump to conclusions before any facts are determined.  With Domestic Violence being such a hot new stoic, do not be surprised if the Media takes an interest in what (on a slow news day) would not have even warranted a second glance by the Crime Beat Reporter.  Remember, the press can publish many details of your case without your permission or the cooperation of the Authorities.

You need to be prepared, and vigorously defended, as like many of my clients you have probably never gone through anything like this before. Call now for a complimentary consolation with Josh Schiffer.  404-842-0909

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