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Is your lawyer a DV expert?

The Schiffer Firm, LLC specializes in Domestic Violence Criminal Defense and Plaintiffs Litigation.

We do not do Divorce work.  We do not handle Child Custody Modifications.  We do not process Adoptions or address Alimony.  Too many Clients make the mistake of letting a “Family Law” Attorney into a Criminal Court., then they call us to fix it.

Our Job is to Protect your Record, Keep you Out of Custody and Win Your Case.  Period.

The Schiffer Firm, LLC is Georgia’s Specialist source for Domestic Violence Criminal Defense.  From Misdemeanors such as Battery, Simple Battery and Criminal Trespass through the Major Felonies of Aggravated Assault, False Imprisonment, Aggravated Battery, Murder and Felony Family Violence Battery (same victim more than 1x), along with Cruelty to Children Charges in the First, Second and Third Degrees, we have the skills and experience you deserve.

Additionally We Represent Clients involved in Temporary Protective Orders/Temporary Restraining Orders.