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November 7, 2017 Joshua Schiffer

Why you need a lawyer for your DV case: Avoid Jail

older-man-in-jail-cell-domestic-violenceAvoiding jail time is usually the top concern for someone charged with a domestic violence offense. No one wants to end up behind bars.

Time in jail means time away from your family and job. Imagine having to inform your employer that you will not be able to come into work for the next weekend or longer because your sentenced to time in a county jail.

Jail is a rough and depressing place.  According to a number of researchers, people who have served time in custody have higher chances of facing long-term psychological issues including depression. Losing your freedom takes a heavy toll on you, as well as the dangers and trauma that inmates face inside jails.

With all the attention domestic violence cases receive nationwide, judges are forced to consider ordering you to serve a variety of penalties.  This can include incarceration for a seemingly minor charge.

Don’t let this charge define you.  Don’t let this charge destroy your future.

The Schiffer Firm defends those accused of Domestic Violence. We’ve represented clients with Domestic Violence charges for many years.  We are willing to stand and fight for your freedom.  We don’t want you to go to jail and we will do everything we can to prepare your case and protect your rights.

If you are facing a domestic violence offense, call us NOW.  Delaying is a bad strategy and can harm your case.  Call (404) 842-0909 for a free consultation.


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