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The Schiffer Firm, LLC, is the ONLY Law Firm in Georgia exclusively dedicated to Domestic Violence Issues. Representing the Accused as well as Victims,

Mr. Schiffer’s passion and specialization for this unique area of law is unique in our fine state.


Spousal Abuse

Spousal Abuse Charge? Don’t Take this Lightly

Spousal Abuse is a serious charge in Georgia. Prosecutors are pushing for maximum penalties and judges and dropping the hammer on offenders. If convicted, you could be facing Jail Time.

Even worse, having a Spousal Abuse conviction on your criminal history will make it very difficult to get a future job.

Right now the best thing to do is get help. Call The Schiffer Firm today at (404) 842-0909! We are one of the few firms who focus on Spousal Abuse cases and know how to handle it. We will do our best to protect your future.

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