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Successful Defenses

State v CP — Well known local celeb accused and charges dismissed

In Re AD and MP — Cross defendants charged in both State and Superior Court for mutual combat.  Aggravated Assault, Batter, Simple Battery, Criminal Destruction of Property.  Federal Security Clearance preserved, all charges dropped

State v. CD – Private warrant accusation related to custody exchange gone wrong.  2nd Amendment rights preserved after trial victory

State v. MR – Victim in abusive relationship is further victimized by having to defend herself against multiple wrongful accusations brought by abusive ex.  All charges dropped.

In Re AG – Out of state professional charged with Domestic Violence after brief romance, all charges dismissed

State v. LH – Documented Immigrant threatened with Deportation due to Domestic Violence Charges brought by Ex.  All charges dismissed

State v. AB – Wife of Former MLB player accused of Domestic Violence after call recorded by 911.  All charges Dismissed.

State v. YP – Foreign Graduate Student with Medical Security Clearance accused of Domestic Violence in part due to cultural/language difficulties.  All Felony and Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed.  Travel between Far East and America Facilitated.

State v. NE – Local Prominent Educator wrongfully accused of Domestic Violence after Police refuse to believe witness statements on scene.  All Charges Dismissed.

State v. JH – Mentally Ill Adult Son arrested for Domestic Assault over objection of caretaker parents.  All Charges Dismissed

State v. RJ – Charged with felony Domestic Violence Aggravated Assault in conjunction with large asset divorce.  All Charges Dismissed

State v. DR – Police called by neighbors in large subdivision after witnessing a Domestic Violence related disturbance (Battery and Simple Battery) after a large community party.  Multiple independent witnesses.  All Charges dismissed, arrest expunged off record.

State v AN – Undocumented (Illegal) Immigrant accused of Domestic Violence.  All Charges Dismissed and removed from consideration of his Immigration and Naturalization process.

State v. DR – Prominent Local Attorney accused of Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence.  Avoided arrest, prosecuted in magistrate court only, preserved clean criminal record and GCIC, preserved all 2nd amendment firearms rights, all charges dismissed.

State v JS – Prominent local businessperson faced punitive Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Protective Order brought by professional colleagues and family associates.  TPO successfully negotiated to keep off record and preserve all  firearms rights as well as rights to practice the chosen business.

State v. HY – Foreign Resident Graduate Student in Medical Field accused of Felony Aggravated Assault and Misdemeanor Battery.  Complex Langue and Cultural issues.  All charges dismissed, professional accreditation preserved, was able to freely travel to multiple international destinations during pendency of case.

State v. SY – Graduate Medical Student victimized by ex-intimate partner.  Ex-Partner took several punitive warrants and TRO/TPO orders against client.  All charges dismissed, Temporary Restraining/Protective Orders dismissed and new Protective Orders benefitting the Client were Ordered by the Court.

In Re SK – Well Known Ethnic Entertainer victimized by married ex-lover during contentious public break-up affecting multiple businesses.  All Charges and Orders Dropped after multiple hearings.  Immigration/Naturalization Process Preserved as well as 2nd Amendment Gun Rights.

State v. JS – Highly placed local Fortune 50 Executive accused/extorted of Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated battery, and other violent crimes by new wife and her children in multiple venues.  Multiple video/audio recorded incidents and statements.  Client preserved clean record, firearms rights and travel ability all while successfully divorcing wife, avoiding incarceration, keeping career advancement and successfully mitigating all aspects of the accusation.

State v. AK – Immigrant Female from Conservative Religious Community successfully escaped abusive and punitive relationships forced by Family.  Multiple true and false accusations from all sides and multiple family members.  All charges dismissed, travel facilitated, immigration and naturalization process facilitated.

In Re OB  — Documented African Immigrant being physically, financially, emotionally abused by American Wife via Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO), Temporary Protective Orders (TPO), private warrant applications and other aggressive behaviors.   All Charges and Orders dropped, Immigration Process Preserved, protections put in place via private contract.