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August 4, 2016 Joshua Schiffer


People often view a person accused of domestic violence as “guilty until proven innocent” even after the charges have been cleared. The character of the accused person is tarnished — affecting every part of their life, including job security, relationships and finances. A false domestic violence accusation can be a destructive force and a violation of one’s rights especially when the person is not guilty of the alleged crimes. Unfortunately, even proof of innocence can fail to repair one’s life and reputation.

If your relationship begins to turn sour, here are some actions you can take to help limit dangerous actions they can take to sabotage you:

1. Legally fight the allegations – Get guidance from an experienced attorney who will assist you through the tough steps leading up to the trial to put you in the best position to prove your innocence. Be sure to avoid incriminating yourself by speaking with any law enforcement without a lawyer present.

2. Record all conversations – Protect yourself by tape recording all conversations. Whether you are talking to your ex or to close friends or to police officers, record the interactions.

3. Avoid Any Actions That Can Be Used Against You In Court – Be smart. If you have to interact with your partner for any reason, don’t make a scene that makes you look violent and short-tempered. Don’t get provoked into any arguments or make any threats. Remember, there is already a stigma against you, and the last thing you need is another incident to make you look dangerous or unstable.

4. Take a witness when meeting with an ex – If you have to drop off children for example, do so in a public place and make sure you have a witness present with you. This is a great way to avoid another false allegation against you.

5. Protect your valuables – Don’t be naive. The person you once trusted with your bank accounts and credit cards may very well clean you out in the blink of an eye. After all, you never thought your ex would actually go through with pressing charges. Protect yourself by changing your pin numbers and passwords and by locking up checks and cards.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, and even if you are certain you can prove your innocence, don’t take the charge lightly. Call the experienced attorneys at The Schiffer Firm to ensure that your freedom, reputation and rights are protected. Call today (404) 842-0909

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